Building Progress – 110 days on; 70 more to go!

The corridor at Level 2 leading to the Management Office, Meeting Room and Discussion Room.

The Nalanda Building Expansion Project is progressing steadily 111 days after work started. The building construction has reached Level 4 and is on schedule to be completed in another 70 days.  We look forward to its successful completion because bigger and better facilities mean many more people will be able to benefit from holistic Buddhist education.

Nalanda’s Building Fund is still short of RM547,000 presently.  We would like to appeal for your funding and support towards this noble project as the Centre will benefit the entire community.  Donations and sponsorship are most welcome in the name of beneficiary – “Nalanda Buddhist Society”.  We thank everyone for your continued good wishes and support for the building expansion project.   With deep appreciation and mettā!

Work is concentrated on Level 4 with the extension to the Dhamma Hall.