Celebrating 15 years of holistic education

Celebrating 15 years of holistic education

Dhamma School facilitators spend much of their time and efforts to ensure that their students not only learn the teachings of the Buddha, but also practise it in their daily lives.

On 1 January 2020, Nalanda Dhamma School celebrated its 15th anniversary with utmost gratitude to our founder, Bro. Tan, and all benefactors for their selfless support.  Since its inception, the School has focussed its efforts in performing the ‘Miracle of Education’, with the theme ‘The Heart of Education is Education of the Heart’ as its guiding philosophy.

We have witnessed students gradually changing for the better through understanding the purpose of life.  Many of its alumni are now serving the Buddha-Sāsana, advocating harmony and truthful living within their circle of influence.

Nalanda officers and students paying respects to teachers past and present during the traditional “Achariya-abhivādana” ceremony.

Honorary Secretary, Sis. Santi thanking all past and present School donors, benefactors, facilitators, parents and students for their support.

Students representatives expressing their gratitude to the founder of the School, Bro. Tan.  Through his relentless efforts and guidance, many children have the opportunity to learn Dhamma.

Students presenting a song to thank their parents and School facilitators for their support.

Students from the Navaka group, the youngest group of the Dhamma School, presenting a story about the boy who can’t steal, from the Jataka tales.

Students shared their experience and reflection in preparing and distributing food for the poor, during their stay-in programme.

Everyone rejoicing in the progress of the students.

The School issued a compilation of short stories by its students.  These stories illustrate values and teachings found in the Dhammapada through relatable experiences in school.

May Nalanda Dhamma School continue to guide many more students in the future towards achieving integral character development.  Sādhu anumodāna!