Celebrating 15 Years of Holistic Education

Nalanda Buddhist Society was established in 2003, with our name bestowed by our late teacher and spiritual adviser, Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda.  Since inception, Nalanda has been focusing on providing holistic Buddhist education to the community, which to date has benefitted over 23,000 students and participants throughout Malaysia.

Holistic education which enhances one’s integrity, compassion, and wisdom is paramount to the well-being of humankind.  Nalanda is able to provide our programmes and services due to the ardent support of our benefactors, donors and volunteers.  Today, even more people are seeking after the Dhamma to help them attain mental well-being, and to find meaning in life.

Nalanda is deeply grateful for all the support we received over the years.  We would like to share with you this video commemorating our 15th anniversary of establishment.  May we rejoice over the meritorious deeds and contributions of so many people, and be blessed with favourable conditions to continue our mission to effect a wiser world.