Celebrating Mother’s & Teacher’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s & Teacher’s Day

Bro. Tan leading the chanting.

Bro. Tan leading the chanting in honour of Mother’s and Teacher’s Day celebration.

On 14 May, Nalandians celebrated Mother’s and Teacher’s Day in a most meaningful way – by learning the Dhamma on the importance of spiritual practice and the development of gratitude.  In his talk, Bro. Tan urged parents to lead their children to reduce sensual desires, and to guide them to develop inner strength to face worldly conditions.

Bro. Tan explained the importance of bestowing the gift of Dhamma to children with a simile: the medicine we feed them might be bitter, but it cures their illness.  We all need the Dhamma because we are plagued with suffering.  The sooner we practise Dhamma, the earlier we will be free from suffering, though we may regard it as burdensome at first.

Bro. Tan then spoke of the importance of gratitude.  Mothers and fathers are very helpful to their children, by bringing them up and showing them the world.  Thus children should always feel thankful and appreciative towards parents.

Apart from parents, teachers are also invaluable people in our lives.  They guide us in the right direction, and teaching us good values and conduct.  We should thus have gratitude and respect towards them as well.

Students of Nalanda Dhamma School presenting a lively Mandarin song.

Nalanda Dhamma School students presenting a lively Mandarin song to honour mothers.

Nalandians held a simple celebration where children presented flowers and small gifts to their mothers and teachers as tokens of gratitude and love.  We would like to wish all mothers and teachers the best of health!  Our utmost gratitude for what you have done for us.  Without you, where would we be today?

Mothers were honoured by the whole community.

Mothers were honoured by the whole community for their sacrifices to the family, and in recognition of their pivotal role in educating children.