22 January 2023

Happy Lunar New Year!

Nalanda wishes you a blessed Lunar New Year.  As we reunite with our loved ones, let us take time to show our care and love for them in order to spend the festivities meaningfully and joyously.  To friends who are travelling home, we wish you safe journeys.  May you and your loved ones have the blessings of good health, peace and success. 新年快乐!

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9 January 2023

Register for ‘Family Dhamma School’

Learning Dhamma as a family enables parents to connect better with our children and also grow together in wholesome values.  Hence, we invite you to join Nalanda’s inaugural programme ‘Family Dhamma School’, a learning platform for the entire family to grow spiritually and achieve domestic bliss.

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3 January 2023

Families grow closer to Dhamma at Family Camp

On the long holiday weekend of 24 to 26 December,  over 100 participants and volunteers gathered for the inaugural ‘Dhamma-living Camp for Families’ at Wisdom Park.   This family camp turned into an extraordinary opportunity for parents and children to bond with each other as they explored the theme “Gratitude is my attitude”.

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27 December 2022

Heart full of gratitude

Our first Dhamma-living Camp for Families concluded yesterday after 3 days of joyous learning and family bonding.  Both parents and children were deeply inspired by the insightful Dhamma talks and activities which filled their hearts with a deep sense of gratitude for one another.

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25 December 2022

Have a Merry Christmas

Nalanda Buddhist Society wishes all our Christian friends a “Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year”!  May your reunions with friends and family be filled with love, laughter and goodwill.  Let us take time to show care for others and grow spiritually to become better individuals and compassionate communities.

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23 December 2022

Welcome to Dhamma-living camp for families

The inaugural Dhamma-living Camp for Families starts tomorrow morning at Wisdom Park.  Volunteers and Dhamma School facilitators have been enthusiastically preparing the programme, activities & facilities over the past few weeks, and are now ready to welcome parents and their children.  We look forward to seeing our participants tomorrow and wish everyone a safe journey!

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13 December 2022

Register now for inaugural ‘Nalanda Family Dhamma School’

Nalanda Buddhist Society is offering our inaugural programme ‘Family Dhamma School’ where parents and children will come together for Dhamma learning and practice.  With the family being the primary social unit in all human societies, this provides an optimal way for the entire family to grow together spiritually and achieve domestic bliss.

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27 October 2022

Family day out for Dhamma School parents & children

On Saturday 15 October, 72 Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators, parents and students had a joyful Family Day at Wisdom Park.  Families had the opportunity to work together to render their service in upkeeping Wisdom Park and greening the environment.  The service was followed by family-bonding activities which were filled with fun while instilling wholesome values such as patience, mutual support and trust between family members.

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3 October 2022

Join our first Dhamma-living Camp for Families

Nalanda is hosting our first-ever Dhamma-Living Camp for Families! This camp held from 24 to 26 December 2022 at Wisdom Park, Kuala Kubu Bharu, aims to bring parents and their children closer to the Buddha’s Teachings and learn how Dhamma can be cultivated to achieve family well-being. The programme highlights include inspiring learning sessions and family-bonding activities.

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10 September 2022

Mid-Autumn Festival

Today, on the full-moon day of the eighth lunar month, Chinese people throughout the world celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节).  It is a time of family gatherings and a celebration of harmony and togetherness.  For friends traveling home to celebrate with your loved ones, have a safe journey and enjoyable gathering.  On this festive occasion, we wish everyone and every family harmony, and peace.  May you be well and happy. 祝大家 中秋节 快乐!

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