Happy 15th Anniversary to Nalanda Dhamma School

Happy 15th Anniversary to Nalanda Dhamma School

We rejoice in the wonderful and selfless work of our supporters and volunteers over the past 15 years, for the benefit of many young Buddhists.

Congratulatory message delivered by Honorary Secretary Sis. Santi Cheang, on behalf of Nalanda Buddhist Society

Namo Buddhaya, Nalanda founder Bro. Tan, President Sis. Evelyn, Board of Management, Members of the Executive Committee, Director of Nalanda Dhamma School Sis. Sunandā, Dhamma School facilitators, Nalanda officers, parents, students, all Brothers and Sisters.  Good morning, and Happy New Year.

Yesterday Nalanda Dhamma School celebrated the efforts and progress made by its students during the annual School Appreciation and Honours Day.  And today, we are here with Nalanda Dhamma School to celebrate its 15th Anniversary, a significant milestone for the School and Nalanda Buddhist Society.  The School started here in Sri Serdang with 40 students on 2 January 2005, in a small house previously known as Nalanda House just across the road.  The name “Nalanda” means ‘the giving of knowledge and wisdom’.  Hence the School aims to continue the noble tradition of providing quality and holistic education to the younger generation of Buddhists, by imparting them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and most importantly, religious and moral values.

Throughout these 15 years, we have the opportunity to witness many of our past and present students go from strength to strength, in aspects of their leadership, fellowship with others, support to those in need, and very importantly their respect for Dhamma.  Many of our past Dhamma School students, now the alumni of the School, stay on with Nalanda, and contribute meaningfully, like our current and past Youth Centre Leaders and members.  We congratulate all our students who have successfully completed the School years, and are still going strong with Dhamma as their anchor.

The School has branched out with Dhamma Schools now at our Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru Branches.  The number of students have grown significantly as well.  But the more important development is the growth of our students in wholesome and beautiful characters, in morality, composure, calmness, concentration and wisdom.  These are the aspects the School works on continuously and relentlessly, applying different approaches and methodologies, and with strong understanding and support from parents.  Bro. Tan shared yesterday evening that without struggling to emerge from the cocoon, the butterfly will not be able to fly.  Similarly, students going through the struggles of school and life must bear in mind that some challenges are a part of your development.  In fact, it is the struggles that enable you to develop your ability to ‘fly’, and mature with an integral personality.

On behalf of Nalanda Buddhist Society, we extend our deepest gratitude to Nalanda founder, Bro. Tan for having the vision and compassion to set up the school for the benefit of so many children.  We also thank the former directors of Nalanda Dhamma School, former facilitators, the present Director, Sis. Sunandā Ong and the team of dedicated facilitators whose utmost patience, care and commitment drive them to facilitate the learning of the students week in and week out, year in and year out.  These are undeniably very tiring roles, but most certainly very fulfilling ones to see our students grow stronger in the Dhamma to be a person of wholesome qualities.

Thank you to all our wonderful Dhamma School parents, donors, benefactors and students who have contributed in different ways to support the operations and management of the School for the past 15 years.  Nalanda Buddhist Society wishes Nalanda Dhamma School Happy 15th Anniversary!  May all of us, having the right supporting conditions to continue progressing on the path to well-being and wisdom!  Namo Dhammaya.