Celebrating the spirit of learning

Nalanda Free School volunteer-teachers together with Society President and officers.

On Saturday 20 October, Nalanda Free School (NFS) held its annual ‘Night of Appreciation’ to honour its volunteer teachers and facilitators who commit time and effort to nurture young learners to be well-rounded individuals.

The joyous event was overflowing with gratitude as students came forward to pay tribute to their teachers for their selfless care, tutoring, coaching and encouragement to achieve improvements not only in academic education, but also in developing the right values in life.  Teachers were deeply gratified to see their students achieve such good progress and in turn, shared their moving experiences as volunteers.

The evening started just like any other evening at the Free School, with meditation to calm and clear the mind.

Nalanda Buddhist Society EXCO Member Sis. Buddhini represented the Society at the event.

NFS also celebrated our students’ academic achievements, positive learning attitude, and good conduct throughout the year. Three categories of awards were presented to students from each class upon careful evaluation by their teachers.  The awards given out to well-deserving students were for the ‘Best Overall Student’, ‘Most Improved Student’, and ‘Most Enthusiastic Learner’.

Teachers of Nalanda Free School being feted by students and parents.

Volunteer teachers encouraging their students to do even better in school and at home.  Sadhu!

We extend a heartfelt thanks to our remarkable teachers for their care for NFS students.  May our students continue to diligently pursue academic excellence, and cultivate right values as an integral part of their wholesome growth.  Sadhu anumodana!

Thanks to all benefactors, teachers, volunteers, students and parents for another fruitful and memorable year at Nalanda Free School.

Note :

Registration for NFS 2019 classes is currently open at the Sri Serdang and Kuala Lumpur centres.  Please contact Nalanda Office for enquiries. Thank you.