Honours & Appreciation Day

Refers to Free School teachers’ or students’ honours events, news or notices.

5 January 2023

Gratitude abounds at Dhamma School Appreciation & Honours Day

Last Saturday 31 December, on the last day of 2022, Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators, volunteers, students, and their parents gathered at Nalanda Centre for the annual “Appreciation & Honours Day”.  The first held since the pandemic, it was a time for everyone to reflect and rejoice in their effort and commitment to learning throughout the year.

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9 December 2020

Dhamma School “Appreciation Day”

On 8 November 2020, Nalanda Dhamma School held its “Appreciation Day” with over 130 facilitators and students on 'Zoom', the on-line venue for most classes this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The session was filled with gratitude over the commitment and effort that all facilitators, parents and students put in to ensure a smooth Dhamma learning experience continues every week despite the institution of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in mid-March.

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3 January 2020

Gratitude at Dhamma School Honours Day

On 31 December 2019, Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators, students and their parents, alumni, volunteers and guests gathered at Nalanda Centre for the annual School Appreciation and Honours Day.  This annual event celebrates the learning and progress of students throughout the year, and also serves to give thanks to teachers and parents who supported their learning.

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31 December 2019

Dhamma School celebrations tonight and tomorrow

For the past weeks, Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators and students have been preparing for their event of the year – the Dhamma School Appreciation and Honours Day.  Join us at 7pm tonight 31 December as facilitators, students and parents come together to express their appreciation for the dedication and commitment to learn Dhamma, and to celebrate the contributions and progress made by students.

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28 October 2019

Honouring Free School teachers and volunteers

On Saturday 26 October, Nalanda Free School held its annual ‘Appreciation Day’ to honour all its teachers and volunteers.  As the 2019 school year has come to an end, this was also the occasion to celebrate the achievements of the students.  During the joyous event, everyone was treated to performances by students and was inspired by the wonderful sharing of some teachers.

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19 October 2019

Nalanda Free School Appreciation Day

Established in June 2010, Nalanda Free School provides free academic tuition to needy Malaysian students aged 9 to 18.  With 42 volunteer tutors and an enrolment of 600 students, the Free School operates 32 classes – 5 days a week at Nalanda Centre in Serdang, NEO Centre in Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur and NEO Centre in Taman Johor Jaya.

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26 October 2018

Celebrating the spirit of learning

On Saturday 20 October, Nalanda Free School (NFS) held its annual ‘Night of Appreciation’ to honour its volunteer teachers and facilitators who commit time and effort to nurture young learners to be well-rounded individuals.

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27 December 2017

Dhamma School ‘Honours Day’

On 31 December every year, Nalanda Dhamma School observes its “Appreciation & Honours Day” with facilitators, students and parents coming together to express their gratitude for each other, and to thank everyone’s dedication to learn the Dhamma.

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25 October 2017

Free School ‘Appreciation Day’

In October every year, Nalanda Free School volunteer teachers, students and parents get together to celebrate the achievements of our students by presenting them tokens of encouragement and support.  It is also a time for students to show gratitude to their teachers and school volunteers.

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4 December 2016

Nalanda Free School Johor Bahru holds ‘Appreciation Day’

On Sunday 27 October, NEO Centre Johor Bahru was bustling with festive atmosphere as students, parents, teachers and volunteers gathered for the annual Nalanda Free School ‘Appreciation Day’.  The joyful occasion was to celebrate students’ academic achievements, positive learning attitude and good behaviour throughout the year. The teachers expressed approval of individual students not only for improvements seen in their exam results, but also in their conduct and overall character development.

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