Cheerful Singapore BF members visit Nalanda

Cheerful Singapore BF members visit Nalanda

Nalanda members and devotees performing the Pāli chanting.

On Sunday 2 November, just days after the visit by 90 Firefly Mission members, Nalanda was again honoured by the presence of another Singaporean group – a party of 40 cheerful Buddhist Fellowship (BF) members.  Led by its Deputy President Bro. Jerry Ong, the group was in Kuala Lumpur to watch “Xuan Zang – Journey to the West” musical.

Another inspiring talk by Bro Tan. Together in the congregation were Ven. Ding Rong (middle) and Ven. Jin Xin (left).

Nalandians warmly welcomed our BF friends “home”!  We had a great time catching up with one another, and even received a bonus with an inspiring Dhamma talk by Bro. Tan.  We would like to thank our friends at BF for visiting Nalanda Centre and for your generous donation towards our Building Fund. We look forward to welcoming all of you “home” again very soon!  Thank you and mettā.

Bro. Jerry Ong presenting a donation in support of Nalanda's Building Fund, which was received by Bro. Tan with much appreciation and gratitude.