Chief Monk of Yangon visits Nalanda

Chief Monk of Yangon visits Nalanda

4 September 2012

Bro.Tan leading the Venerable and devotees on a detailed tour of Nalanda Centre. The visitors were amazed by the amount of details and richness in symbolism in the design of the building.

On 4 September, Nalanda Centre was honoured to receive a visit by Most Ven. Bhaddanta Eik Di Ba La, Chairman of the Sangha Nayaka Committee, Yangon Division, Myanmar, and some of his local followers.

During their visit, Sayadaw gave a short Dhamma talk to Nalandians, that it is important for everyone to be disciplined in their thoughts, speech and actions.  Every wholesome and unwholesome thought, speech or conduct generates kamma.  Therefore, we should always be heedful in ensuring that wholesomeness is the core of our daily actions, and not otherwise.

The Buddha Altar is also very rich in symbolism and full of Dhamma lessons. Bro.Tan explaining the altar layout and design to the Malaysian and Singaporean visitors who came with the Venerable to Nalanda.

Sayadaw also praised Nalanda for its good work in educating the community and propagating the true teachings of the Buddha, based on the Pāli Canon.   He wishes Nalandians all the best in continuing our efforts to provide holistic education for the benefit of the many.