Commemorating Earth Day at Nalanda

Commemorating Earth Day at Nalanda

Dhamma School students and facilitators worked together to clean K. Sri Dhammananda Centre and its surrounding areas.

Just yesterday, on Sunday 21 April, over 120 Nalanda members, devotees, youths and Dhamma School students as well as parents came together to give back to Mother Nature as a tribute for her boundless gifts.

After the weekly morning service, everyone sprung into action to upkeep the surrounding areas by pruning the plants, clearing the roads and drains, and planting trees.  Within just 2 hours, the areas surrounding Nalanda Centre were quickly spruced up, making it a pleasant environment for all.

Suitable shrubs and a tree were planted to green the area for the benefit of the entire community.

Joining in to green the environment were YB Abbas Azmi (ADUN Sri Serdang), Mr Tey Han Cherk (Ahli Majlis Zon 20 MBSJ) and Ms. Angie Chen (Majlis Perwakilan Penduduk). We thank them for their presence and support.

Everyone did their bit to commemorate Earth Day.

Nalanda Youth Centre led the efforts to clean up the field and drains.

Scrubbing out debris from the drains.

Helping each other to plant shrubs.

We thank everyone for their support and care to green the earth.  Let’s continue to do our part for the environment because our efforts will reap benefits for many beings today and for many more years to come.  We wish everyone ‘Happy Earth Day’ today!

A group with the newly planted shrubs and tree.

Students also served water to ensure everyone is well hydrated.

Cleaning the drains around K. Sri Dhammananda Centre.

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