Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action

We can hone our minds to have compassion, which benefits both ourselves and others.

On 21 April, Datuk Charlie Chia delivered a Dhamma talk on ‘Compassion in Action’ at Nalanda Centre.  He described that one who has compassion, cannot bear to see the suffering of others and will do what they can to help.  Those with compassion experience freedom from feelings such as anger, hatred and jealousy because compassion itself is a strength of character and also gives strength to those in need.

It is pertinent to develop self-compassion first because we cannot give to other what we don’t have.  Datuk Charlie explained techniques and steps to develop self compassion including to practice forgiveness, employ a growth mindset, have gratitude, find the right level of generosity, and be mindful.  He also encouraged us to incorporate self-compassion into our practice of meditation.

Datuk Charlie shared real life examples of those who embody compassion.

We thank Datuk Charlie for giving us much to reflect on as we strive towards a life of compassion.

Let us make every effort to develop this virtuous state by being mindful of our thoughts, speech and action.