Connecting hearts and minds at ‘Open Day’

Connecting hearts and minds at ‘Open Day’

Volunteers rejoicing at the end of the 2 days of wholesome service.

At Wisdom Park’s ‘Open Day’ on 8 and 9 July, 100 Nalanda members and volunteers were privileged to welcome friends and fellow members of the Buddhist Community, and assist them in learning more about this integrated holistic educational campus.  With much gratitude in our hearts for their support, we were warmed by everyone’s zeal to make the Buddha’s teachings available to the community, having experienced its efficacy in making lives more meaningful.

We share with you more endearing moments of care, camaraderie and rejoice, all of which led to the connecting of hearts and minds on this wonderful occasion.  We also extend our deepest appreciation to the organising team and volunteers for their dedication and extensive efforts in making each and every visitors’ trip a wholesome one.  Sadhu!

Ready to welcome our guests early in the morning.

Serving venerable monks with much respect.

The Caring Corner run by our youthful volunteers to offer assistance for our young and elderly visitors while at Wisdom Park.

Showing our care for the elderly, with gratitude for their contributions in the past.

Showing our care for the elderly, with gratitude for their contributions in the past.

The F&B team serving refreshments to all our guests.

Sis. Buddhini and Sis. Living brought venerable nuns on a campus tour. A photo at the Memorial Pavilions.

The logistics team welcomes every guest as they arrive at Wisdom Park.

Volunteers started their training a few weeks prior to Open Day.

Volunteers preparing the rooms and guest lodges.

Youths doing service together with good friends.

Even when no one is watching, volunteers do what is needed.

After completing the preparations, everyone comes together to thank each other.

Celebrating birthdays of friends born in July.

The group joyfully shared merits with all beings.

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