Construction of Wisdom Park begins

Construction of Wisdom Park begins

Members of the WPDC visited the site to witness the commencement of earthworks in January.

After almost two years of careful planning, the Development Committee awarded the contract through tender to construct the facilities at Wisdom Park.  The successful contractor took possession of the site on 11 December 2017; and construction began in earnest in January this year.

During their site visit on 6 January 2018, members of Wisdom Park Development Committee (WPDC) witnessed the commencement of earthworks to clear out the former plantation and to level the ground for future buildings.  A number of heavy machinery were deployed there, which made short work of clearing the undergrowth.

WPDC members huddled for consultation on their site visit.

Let us pray for the smooth progress and successful completion of construction there.  With your support, we shall build Wisdom Park together for the long-term benefit of the community!

The upper portion of the site was formerly an orchard and remains untouched by construction.