Continuous learning to uplift our service

Continuous learning to uplift our service

Dhamma School students are very grateful for Ach. Vijaya’s guidance.

Over this weekend, Nalanda members and volunteers have been engaged in training & learnings programmes to upskill ourselves in our service.  Yesterday, participants of the second intake of HCL 001 Horticulture & Landscaping Course started their training in basic horticulture skills towards upkeeping and maintaining the grounds of Wisdom Park.

And today, following the Sunday Morning Service and Dhamma School sessions, participants of ‘Host Training’ enhanced their understanding and skills in hosting Dhamma events.  At the same time, Dhamma School facilitators and students immersed themselves in a mentoring session with Achariya S. Vijaya on Dhamma through Drama.

Dr. Chen leads HCL 001 at Wisdom Park.

‘Host Training’ participants comprising of adults, youths and Dhamma School facilitators learn and support each other in learning.

Students deeply engaged in Ach. Vijaya’s session.

Outdoor learning after the classroom session.

Our appreciation goes out to all the organisers and trainers for their kind guidance.  We also rejoice in the ardent efforts of all our volunteers and students who made time and effort to heighten their skills for the purpose of Dhamma propagation.  May the Buddha-Sāsana long endure.

Sis. Paruadi shares important points on how we can better connect with the audience

Sis. Foo Ai Li and Bro. Tong Siong Yeow co-facilitates the session on Host Training.

Learning through practice.

Learning comes alive with Ach. Vijaya.