Nalanda youths organised “D’ Challenge”

Nalanda youths organised “D’ Challenge”


Group photograph of Nalanda youths and participants of “D’ Challenge”.

On Saturday 22 August, Nalanda Youth Centre hosted 20 youths for the “D’ Challenge” fun competition.  This programme was aimed at imparting essential values to youths who are facing many challenges today.  The programme began with Pūja (offerings to the ‘Three Jewels’) and welcoming speech by Nalanda Youth Leader, Bro. DiSheng.


Youths performing Pūja (offerings to the ‘Three Jewels’) and chanting before proceeding with the competition.

The participants were grouped into 5 teams who have to perform different tasks in order to receive ‘clues’.  Their challenge was to find ‘the kidnapper’ from the given clues.  The game was not easy, but with mutual care and encouragement, the youths managed to overcome all obstacles in their way.  Similarly, challenges and obstacles in life can be faced with greater encouragement and motivation from family and friends.


Participants balancing themselves precariously on balloons!

A communal lunch was served and the youths took opportunity to get to know each other better, apart from sharing their gained experiences.  The youths learnt that life’s challenges can be resolved with Dhamma and with the help of spiritual friends.  Nalanda Youth Centre would like to express our gratitude to all organisers and participants for making “D’ Challenge” a wonderful and meaningful event.


Participants at the ‘Physical Well-being’ station.

Life CHALLENGES make us better, not bitter!


Participants sharing the prize among themselves.