Delightful Alms-giving in Seri Kembangan

It was a delightful day to have the ‘Pindacara’ at Seri Kembangan market, under the blue morning sky.

Report by Muditā

In the early morning of Saturday 18 October, eager volunteers were at Nalanda Centre for pūja and chanting before leaving for the Seri Kembangan market.  Our twice-monthly ‘Pindacāra’ (monks going on alms-round) Programme team was warmly welcomed by many devotees waiting patiently for the arrival of the venerable ‘bhikkhus’ (monks).

We were honoured and delighted that Venerable B. Sri Saranankara Nāyaka Thero, the Abbot of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, came for the ‘Pindacāra’ as well.  Many people of different age groups joyfully offered cooked food to the monks.  Curious on-lookers were engaged by our friendly ‘People Engagement’ team with educational leaflets explaining the meaning and significance of ‘Pindacāra’.

A line of devotees ready with food in hand to offer to the venerable monks.

It was indeed a delightful experience to participate in this wholesome programme, especially for the new volunteers.  We would like to thank all devotees and volunteers for participating in this activity.  May the merits accrued be shared will all beings.  Sadhu anumodana!

Venerable monks giving blessings to devotees and volunteers at the 'information station'.

The next ‘Pindacāra’ Programme will be held this Saturday 1 November, 8.30am, at Sri Petaling and Happy Garden markets, Kuala Lumpur.  All are welcome!