Delightful children’s learning camp

Delightful children’s learning camp

Participants enjoying the ice-breaking game.

From 18 – 21 December, Nalanda Dharma School facilitators and students jointly organised a successful camp for 72 children ranging from 8 – 12 years old.  Throughout the four days spent at Nalanda Centre, the children and volunteers resonated with the theme of the camp – ‘love and respect’.

The organisers arranged a series of energetic activities with the aim of training the children’s skills in cooperation, tolerance, caring for each other, and mutual respect.  The children had the opportunity to offer lunch dāna to three venerable monks as well as taking part in a wayang kulit performance.  These were in addition to the daily cultivation of pūja, chanting, meditation and Dhamma sharing, which were new experiences to many of the children.  Most of the participants started out being shy and reserved but by the end of the camp, everyone was reluctant to part from each other for home.

Participants had the opportunity to offer lunch dāna to three venerable monks.

During the closing ceremony on the last day of the Camp, Director of Nalanda Dharma School Sis Sunanda Ong encouraged the children to bring back the values they have learnt during the camp, as well as to continue with their daily cultivation of chanting and meditation.  The camp was indeed a great learning experience for all!

A group photograph of facilitators, participants, and their parents. We rejoiced with the organising team for the success of this meaningful programme! Sadhu!