Delightful Pindacāra at O.U.G. and Happy Garden

Delightful Pindacāra at O.U.G. and Happy Garden

Venerable monks walking through the market mindfully, stopping to allow devotees to offer food.

On Saturday 1 March, devotees and volunteers participated joyfully in our monthly Pindacāra (monks going on alms-round) at Taman O.U.G. and Happy Garden morning markets.  At 7.30am, Nalandians gathered for the morning chanting at NEO Centre Happy Garden to calm their minds and reaffirm wholesome aspirations before embarking on the alms-round with the venerable bhikkhus.

After the Pindacāra, devotees reconvened at NEO Centre for a Mandarin Dhamma sharing by Bro.Tong, followed by the offering of lunch dāna to the venerable monks.  We thank the venerables for their kind acceptance of our invitation to go on Pindacāra.  We also thank all helpful volunteers and devotees for participating in the Pindacāra programme at Taman O.U.G. morning market since June 2012.  Sadhu anumodana!

An elderly market-goer offering alms to the monk with joy and respect.



















Starting April 2014, the Pindacāra route will be switched from Taman O.U.G. to Sri Petaling morning market.  Everyone is welcome to participate in this meritorious programme!