Developing ‘Wisdom Park’ for a brighter future

Developing ‘Wisdom Park’ for a brighter future

Wisdom Park

We invite you to join us in developing ‘Wisdom Park’ together!

Nalanda Buddhist Society is buying a 26-acre parcel of land in Selangor to develop ‘Wisdom Park’ – Malaysia’s first integrated Buddhist education hub.  The objective of ‘Wisdom Park’ is to make available facilities and programmes to (1) educate and train competent lay Dhamma teachers; (2) develop future Buddhist community leaders; and (3) propagate Buddhist values, culture and practices to the public.

‘Wisdom Park’ will be set amidst spacious grounds with lush greenery and simple architecture that is aesthetically pleasing and spiritually calming.  It will incorporate facilities for Dhamma learning, leadership training, meditating, wellness, and family well-being.  It will also feature residences for monastics, lay practitioners, and long-term volunteers.

Facilities at the education hub will be opened in phases over 15 years (2018 – 2033).  ‘Wisdom Park’ will be an important catalyst for the growth of Malaysian Buddhism in generations to come, and herald a brighter future for the community.  We humbly invite you to participate and share in this noble mission to provide proper and holistic Buddhist education, so that more people can learn Dhamma to achieve well-being, joy and inner peace.

Let us develop ‘Wisdom Park’ together!