“Dhamma Chat” among Spiritual Friends

“Dhamma Chat” among Spiritual Friends

Participants joyfully gathered for the first “Dhamma Chat” for former BPS 302 students.

On Saturday 11 January, 18 graduates of BPS 302 Certificate in Buddhist Studies (2013) gathered for a “Dhamma Chat” reunion at Nalanda Centre.  This session aimed at continuing the momentum for us to learn the Dhamma.

Everyone taking turns to share about their learning experience, and how they have benefited from the BPS 302 Course.

Participants had the opportunity to get to know each other even better, and we gladly shared how the Certificate course had benefited us.  It was an interactive session where participants learned from each other and strengthened our bonds to support each other as ‘kalyana mitta‘ (spiritual friends).

Enjoying the spiritual comradeship and merry sharing!

The next “Dhamma Chat” session will be held on 15 February.  We invite all former BPS 302 participants to ‘reunite’ at Nalanda Centre, and continue to learn and practise the Dhamma. Welcome back!