Dhamma School students ‘Bergotong-Royong’

Dhamma School students ‘Bergotong-Royong’

Dhamma School teenagers and facilitators work together happily to maintain and upkeep K. Sri Dhammananda Centre.

For the past few months, teenagers of Nalanda Dhamma School have committed their time on Sundays, to upkeep K. Sri Dhammananda Centre (KSDC) and its surroundings.  While some may see this as tedious and hard work, students carry out this service with understanding and camaraderie.  We share with you, a reflection of one of our teenagers :

“Participating in the cleaning and maintenance of KSDC has always been meaningful to me and my friends.  This allows us to reflect upon the generosity of our donors and supporters who provided these facilities.  Their contributions have created a peaceful environment for us to learn and practice the Dhamma.

Even work under the sun is made easier when we work together.

Regardless of the work, everyone puts in their best efforts.

“Through our service, we extend the lifespan of the centre and ensure that others can also benefit from this spiritual home.  Moreover, this activity also gives me the opportunity to strengthen bonds with my kalyana mittas – my fellow students and facilitators.  Jai-ho!”

We truly rejoice in their selfless spirit and sense of gratitude.  Well-done and keep it up!

Students also support each other by serving water and refreshments during the service.