Dhamma School study tour to Kedah

During the recent school holidays in June, Nalanda Dhamma School organized a special 4-day study tour to Bujang Valley in Kedah for 75 teachers and students.  We were privileged to be led by Bro. Tan, who is an acknowledged expert on Buddhist history in Southeast Asia.  With his informative and lively narration, every turn along our journey seemed to hold surprises for us to discover!

We would like to thank Bro. Tan and the Dhamma School facilitators from Serdang and Johor Bahru for organising this inspiring trip.  We also thank Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch members and Gurun Buddhist Association for hosting us in Kedah.  And special thanks to Bro. Ajita Lim for producing this delightful video clip.

We hope you share our happiness in participating in this wonderful study tour, and our joy in learning Dhamma from marvelous teachers!  Maha sadhu.