Dhamma Schools’ sessions conclude joyfully

Dhamma Schools’ sessions conclude joyfully

We congratulate all facilitators and students for completing this learning year.

Last Sunday 5 November, Nalanda Teenage, Junior and Family Dhamma Schools in Sri Serdang and Kuala Lumpur concluded their year of learning with much joy and gratitude.  After months of camaraderie and support for each other, both facilitators and students shared their heartfelt reflections.

Facilitators conveyed their happiness in witnessing the positive transformation in students and encouraged them to continue to learn and practice Dhamma in their daily lives.  Students in turn, expressed gratitude to their kalyana mittas, both facilitators and peers, for being with them on this journey.  Family Dhamma School children paid respect to their parents, many for the first time, with understanding and appreciation.

Sis. Nandini Tan, members and Family Dhamma School parents after the final learning session.

This marks the completion of Family Dhamma School’s first year. Sadhu!

Students paying respects to their parents with hearts of gratitude.

Teenagers rejoice in each others’ reflections in this joyful group photo.

Every Dhamma School session is grounded with meditation and chanting.

Learning is joyful when you have the support of good friends.

We thank Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators and volunteers for their dedication and service in providing holistic education for the community.  Let us rejoice in the wholesome development of the students and we look forward to celebrating with you at Nalanda Dhamma School Appreciation and Honours Day on the evening of 31 December.  Sadhu anumodana.

Note : Dhamma School registration is now open for the year 2024, as is recruitment for Dhamma School facilitator.  Please click here to explore.

Sis. Xelyn with students of the Junior Dhamma School.

Students share their reflections.

Each facilitator and student takes turn to share their reflection and learning throughout the year.

The Junior Dhamma School.

We are truly grateful to all the facilitators and volunteers who make such selfless efforts to guide the children.

We also thank volunteers for their care and guidance to the younger children.

We rejoice in the care and wonderful service of members and volunteers of the KL Branch.

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