Dhamma talk at Bodhi Vihara Terengganu

Bro. Tan and members of Mettārama Meditation Centre Kota Bharu paying Ven. Cattamalo a visit.

On Friday 8 September, Nalanda founder Bro. Tan visited Venerable Cattamalo Mahathera at Bodhi Vihara near Kuala Terengganu. He was joined there by members of Mettārama Meditation Centre from Kelantan, as well as Terengganu devotees.  Ven. Cattamalo, 83, was very happy to receive the visitors, and had a discussion on Dhamma with everyone.

Offering of lunch dāna to Ven. Cattamalo at Bodhi Vihara.

After lunch dāna, Bro. Tan was invited to give a talk at the vihara on how to prevent and overcome worries and anxieties in daily life.  He said that many of our mental anxieties were created by an over-active mind proliferating with desires and thoughts.

Furthermore, when we become ensnared by and attached to sensual pleasures, views, and unwholesome habits, we become increasingly stressed out by efforts to fulfill our excessive cravings.  Bro.Tan emphasised that in order to overcome anxiety, we should develop mindfulness, contentment, tranquility, and Right Views.

Bro. Tan was invited to give a teaching on how to overcome worries and anxieties in life.

The congregation listening to the talk with rapt attention.

It was Bro. Tan’s first visit to Bodhi Vihara in seven years, and many devotees took advantage of the opportunity to come and listen to his talk.  Besides Bodhi Vihara, he also gave talks at Suttārama Buddhist Centre and Terengganu Buddhist Association over two days.  Sadhu anumodana.

The three factors to develop are Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration, and Right Views.