Dhamma talk at Seremban Sudhamma

Dhamma talk at Sudhamma Buddhist Society.

Bro. Tan delivered a Dhamma talk at Sudhamma Buddhist Society to an appreciative congregation.

On Saturday 23 July, Bro. Tan gave an uplifting Dhamma talk at Sudhamma Buddhist Society in Seremban.  It was his first visit and talk at Sudhamma in more than 4 years, and he remarked that, “it’s great to be back at a homely centre and a familiar crowd”.

In his talk, Bro. Tan elaborated on two types of suffering – that which comes with our birth and cannot be avoided, such as ageing, sickness and eventually death; and that which can well be avoided, such as anger, jealousy and ill-will.  They key objective in learning and practising Dhamma is to distinguish which suffering is which, and to know how to develop equanimity or Right Effort in overcoming ‘Dukkha’.

The talk was well-received by devotees at Sudhamma, with the question-and-answer session stretching to an hour.  Sadhu anumodana.


Photograph above sourced from Sudhamma Buddhist Society with appreciation.