‘Dhammayatra’ through India & Nepal

‘Dhammayatra’ through India & Nepal

Dhammayatra 2017.

Bro. Tan will be leading a pilgrimage through India and Nepal in December 2017.

A ‘Dhammayatra’ is a spiritual pilgrimage to retrace the path taken by our Enlightened Teacher 2,600 years ago, and to discover the timeless beauty and efficacy of His marvellous teachings.

Dhammayatra’ is not a normal tour to visit Buddhist holy sites.  Rather, it is a voyage of great insight, experiential learning, self reflection, and spiritual growth.  Thus, every earnest Buddhist should embark on ‘Dhammayatra’ at least once in a lifetime.

The sacred grounds of Lumbini.

The sacred grounds of Lumbini, where the Blessed One was born twenty-six centuries ago.

This December, Nalandians have an opportunity to journey through India and Nepal with Bro. Tan to the holy sites of Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, and Kusinara – places hallowed by the presence of the Buddha and the significant events which took place there.

Nalanda members and devotees can register for the 2017 Pilgrimage at Nalanda Centre, or through your branch secretaries.  The closing date is Wednesday, 8 March.  Selected participants will be informed by late April, briefed, and allotted classes and reading assignments.

The Relic Stupa and Asokan Pillar in Vesali.

The Relic Stupa and Asokan Pillar in Vesali, an important pilgrimage site north of Ganges River.

Let us walk in the footsteps of the Blessed One, and strengthen our refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha!