Dharma School Facilitators’ Annual Retreat

Dharma School Facilitators’ Annual Retreat

An idyllic shot: Dharma School Facilitators and Trainees retreating and relaxing in Pulau Ketam.

Article by Gan Jia Quan.  Photographs by Gan Jia Cheng & See Hui Shien.

An annual 4-day retreat for Nalanda Dharma School facilitators was held from 2 – 5 November in Pulau Ketam, Selangor, with active participation by 16 facilitators and trainees. During the retreat, the School’s performance in 2013 were objectively reviewed, while the 2014 School structure and programmes were discussed.

In this fruitful gathering, facilitators learned the Dhamma and strengthened our chanting skills during morning and evening sessions. Facilitators also reinforced our faith in the Buddha-Dhamma with Sis. Sunanda’s sharing on the qualities of the Three Jewels. The enriching learning experience inspired the facilitators’ spirit to progress spiritually.

What shall we have for lunch? Shopping and dining - Pulau Ketam style!

While there was definitely hard work, the retreat also had many fun moments! Interesting games were conducted, and we had a memorable time cooking together. Besides, we also learnt about Pulau Ketam while interacting with the friendly local community and experiencing the simplicity of life in a fishing village.

Colours of Nalanda Dharma School's vibrant facilitators!

It was a truly harmonious stay throughout the retreat among the participants. Facilitators expressed gratitude and support for each other and our bonding flourished through activities done together. The retreat ended with much accomplishment and plenty of learning. We are charged with motivation and looking forward to serve for the betterment of the community come 2014!