Dharma School Facilitators’ Induction Programme

Dharma School Facilitators’ Induction Programme

Facilitators' Induction Programme aims to prepare volunteers for next year's School programmes.

Report by Lim Jie Sheng

The year may be coming to an end soon but Nalanda Dharma School facilitators are surely looking forward and ready for 2015!  On Saturday 8 November, 11 current and new Dharma School volunteers gathered at Nalanda Centre for a Facilitators’ Induction Programme.  The Director of Dharma School, Sis. Sunanda Ong conducted the session with the aim of acquainting new volunteers with the School’s objectives, approach and motto.  Through ice-breaking activities, the initial silence of awkwardness transitioned to laughter and joy among the volunteers.

Small groups were formed for discussions.

Sis. Sunanda shared some pointers on how to be an effective facilitator.  At the end of the three-hour session, volunteers had a clear understanding of the Dharma School’s objectives and philosophy.  They are motivated and look forward to start the new School session come January 2015.  Thank you for your volunteering spirit!

Participants joyfully presenting their group discussion outcome.