Dharma School Students Stay-In Programme

During our stay-in, the team visited Putrajaya Botanical Park for a cycling adventure.

Article by Lim Jie Sheng

From 10 – 13 December, 21 students from Nalanda Dharma School joined the holiday ‘Stay-in Programme’ at Nalanda Centre to learn about the importance of Nalanda’s Core Values, Buddhist culture, and to brush up our chanting skills.

Throughout the 4 days, we were given opportunities to put into practice skills and values learnt throughout the year in Dharma School.  We rendered our services at Nalanda Centre daily, and also did a thorough spring cleaning of Nalanda Book Café in Sri Petaling.

Students joyfully did a whole-day spring-cleaning at Nalanda Book Café in Sri Petaling.

We also had the good fortune to listen to two talks by Bro Tan.  The two sessions were wonderful opportunities for us to clear doubts and raise practical questions.  Bro. Tan’s unique approach and teaching were insightful and strengthened our faith in the Buddha-Dhamma.  We also had our senior Sis. Ng Xeyiing, who recently came back to Malaysia for her semester break, to share her experiences in Australia with us.

Bro. Tan giving us Dhamma teachings every night at Nalanda House.

All participants enjoyed a fabulous outing to Putrajaya Botanical Park for a cycling adventure amidst lush greenery.  We also played a game of ‘captain ball’, which strengthened our group cooperation and team spirit.  This stay-in had definitely provided us students a platform to learn and practise the Dhamma, as well as added much value and meaning to our school break!

Students getting ready to embark on their cycling adventure in Putrajaya. (The author Bro. Lim Jie Sheng is second from left.)