Teenagers discover true blessings in life

Teenagers discover true blessings in life

We rejoice in the spirit of learning of our teenagers at this joyful camp.

On 18 to 20 February, 45 Nalanda Dhamma School students started their school holidays meaningfully with a stay-in programme in Wisdom Park.  Over the 3 days, students explored the theme of “Blessings in Life” to better understanding the true blessings as taught by the Buddha.

Immersed in Dhamma learning sessions, activities and service, the teenagers’ gratitude for their blessings and those who support them developed manifold.  With a zeal to also be a blessing to others, they prepared dinner for the Sivananda Children’s Home in Kuala Kubu Bahru, and brought cheer through rendering their friendship and service.  As the teenagers learned and practised together, they built stronger friendships and closer bonds.

The stay-in programme begins with spirited chanting

Sis. Hui Shien, Director of Nalanda Dhamma School, gives an introduction of the Mangala Sutta and shares about the Supreme Blessings taught by the Buddha.

Students learn with interest about the meaning of the sutta.

Learning becomes easier with facilitators patiently guiding the students.

Students supporting each other’s learning of Pali chanting.

We thank our Dhamma School facilitators and Wisdom Park volunteers for all your efforts and support in making this stay-in programme an inspiring and joyful experience. May the teenagers continue to maintain high spirits in learning and practising the wise teachings of the Buddha. Sadhu anumodana!

Sharing of the Dhamma and wholesome values through songs.

Counting their blessings and building wholesome friendship together as a team.

Serving elders and volunteers before the students take their meal.

A fun game of captain ball for students to develop teamwork.

We are grateful to the caretakers of Sivananda Home for giving us the opportunity to do good.