Discover the rich history of Kedah

Discover the rich history of Kedah

'Discover Kedah 2016' posters.

Two of the official posters for ‘Discover Kedah 2016’, featuring Mount Jerai (left) and Bujang Valley.

The Kedah State authority in charge of tourism has chosen to feature the famous Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum and Mount Jerai on its posters for next year’s ‘Discover Kedah 2016’ programme. Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan remarked that the posters featuring historical sites in Kedah were well-chosen as the state was rich in culture and heritage.

“Even the slogan, ‘Kedah – where it all began’ was a great choice, as Kedah was the first historically-recorded polity in Malaya, and one of the oldest kingdoms in Southeast Asia,” said Bro. Tan.

Archeological find at Sungai Batu, Central Kedah.

Archaeologists have found important artefacts at Sungai Batu site in Central Kedah, with clear evidence of a settlement there built 2,000 years ago.

“There is so much for students of Asian and World history to discover in Kedah.  The Bujang Valley settlement had been a very important trading post 2,000 years ago.  It was a vital node in the Chinese-Indian-European trade route for centuries.”

“And together with the merchants came a dynamic interchange of people, culture, tradition, languages, and religions.  We were already ‘One-Malaysia’ long before Malaysia existed!” enthused Bro. Tan.

“Hopefully, the state tourism department can add value by educating tourists and local people on this fact.  Anyway, their effort to showcase Kedah’s long and rich history is commendable,” he added.