Earnest and Heartfelt Memorial Day

31 August 2013 marked the 7th Anniversary of the late Ven. Dr. Kirinde Sri Dhammananda’s passing.  Nalanda honoured our late Spiritual Advisor with a commemoration ceremony on that day.  After the meditation, puja and chanting, Bro. Tan gave a moving and poignant Dhamma talk, with fond recollections of the late venerable’s humour, kindness, wit and wisdom.  Bro. Tan also reminded us to “admire the Dhamma from near”, and live closely in accordance with the Dhamma.

Nalanda President Bro. Lee Kong Foo and Deputy President Bro. Lee Teck Beng representing the congregation in offerings to the Three Jewels.

The commemoration ceremony concluded with a Sanghika Dana, and transference of merits. Let the wonderful teachings and inspiring qualities of our late teacher continue to spur us on, to live whole-heartedly by the Dhamma, and to share the happiness with all!