Enriching in Dhamma at stay-in programme

Enriching in Dhamma at stay-in programme

A fruitful camp for students, both new and existing as they start the new 2024 school year.

From 29 February to 3 March, 70 students and facilitators from Nalanda Dhamma School spent the school holidays at Nalanda Centre to learn Dhamma and strengthen their bonds with spiritual friends.  Over the four-days, students went through an orientation with the theme “Welcome to Dhamma with Spiritual Friends”.

The facilitators introduced and recapped basic Buddhist values and practices through Dhamma learning sessions, meditation and chanting, fun activities and service.  Students also developed their sense of belonging in the Dhamma community and even took up responsibilities to care for their spiritual home.  As students and facilitators learned and practiced together, they built stronger friendships and closer bonds.

Sis. See Hui Shien, Director of Nalanda Dhamma School, sets the tone for the programme.

Introducing the schedule to the students.

Ice-breaking activities at the start of the programme.

Sis. Lau Wei Nee gives a sharing on the duties of a Dhamma School student.

Sis. Chin Hui leads a learning session.

Students share their reflections.

We thank our Dhamma School facilitators and volunteers for organising this meaningful and impactful programme.  With this refreshing start to the new school year, may the students continue to learn the wise teachings of the Buddha with high spirits, and support each other as they walk the Dhamma path together.  Sadhu anumodana!

Every day is anchored with morning and evening chanting and meditation.

Every day is anchored with morning and evening chanting and meditation.

A tour of Nalanda Centre led by Dhamma School students.

Outdoor activities help to also build bonds of friendship.

With gratitude in their hearts, students also performed service to clean the Centre.

Happy smiles with newly-made friends.

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