Entering the ‘Vassa’ – Annual Rains Retreat

We respectfully pay homage to all venerable monks entering the 'Vassana'. Namo Sanghaya!

According to Theravada Buddhist tradition, monks are required to observe Vassana’ or ‘Rains Retreat’ for a duration of 3 months beginning the day after the full-moon of Asalha month, which is today.  The tradition of ‘Rains Retreat’ was started by the Buddha Himself in the year 588 BCE, where the Lord and 60 bhikkhus resided in Sarnath near Varanasi.  The monks learned and practised Dhamma intensively under the direct guidance of the Buddha; at the end of that period, all of them had attained the highest spiritual goal of Arahantship.

The Buddha also encouraged lay devotees to support the material needs of the monks during this 3-month period so as to free the practitioners to concentrate on spiritual work.  We hereby respectfully wish all monks entering the Vassana’  a progressive ‘Rains Retreat’ and peaceful abiding.  ‘Namo Sanghaya’ – homage to the Sangha!