Expansion Project progressing well

Expansion Project progressing well

Today marks the pivotal mid-way point of Nalanda Centre Expansion Project.

Mid-way Point – 90 days on, 90 more to go!

Today marks the 90th day that work began on the Nalanda Centre Expansion Project, and also the pivotal mid-way point towards its completion!  Construction has been progressing steadily with 100% safety record.  Work is now concentrated on the two upper floors of the 4-storey building.

Work has also started on Levels 3 and 4 of the current Nalanda Centre.  The two floors have been temporarily closed since 10 August to facilitate renovations.  The iconic “Sala Pandita” at Level 3 is also ‘wrapped up’ and protected for the remaining duration of the project.

Levels 3 and 4 of the current Nalanda Centre are temporarily closed to facilitate the expansion work.

Currently, Nalanda’s Building Fund faces a shortfall of almost RM700,000.  We would like to appeal for your funding and support towards this noble project as the Centre will be used by the entire community.  Donations and sponsorships are most welcome in the name of beneficiary – “Nalanda Buddhist Society”.

We look forward to your continued support so that the project will be completed successfully to benefit many more people in future.  Thank you and mettā.

The Nalanda 'Building Technical Committee' meets weekly to get updates on the expansion project and to resolve technical issues at site. Sadhu to the very dedicated and diligent members of the Committee!