Experiencing the joy of caring

Experiencing the joy of caring

We thank all facilitators, volunteers, and participants for such a joyful camp!

Just yesterday, the Children’s Learning Camp themed ‘Always Be Caring!’ was concluded at Nalanda Education and Outreach Centre Sungai Petani.  Over four days from 9 August, 40 campers aged 9 to 12 years old enhanced their understanding and practice of loving-kindness and compassion through the various camp activities.

On a daily basis, Dhamma sharings, discussions and meditation sessions were held for the children to understand and cultivate wholesome habits.  Campers also deepened their learning and fellowship through many fun games.  On the final day, the children made and offered a traditional dessert (汤圆) to their parents to express their gratitude.

Director of Nalanda Dhamma School Sis Sunanda conducting one of the learning sessions.

Students worked together during the hands-on learning sessions.

Every day, the young campers meditated to calm their minds.

The joyful faces of the children learning the Dhamma are indeed inspiring.

Outdoor games were conducted for the children to deepen their learning on caring.

We would like to thank Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch members, facilitators, volunteers, and participants for your effort and contribution towards this joyful camp!  May all of us continue to grow in the Dhamma.  Sadhu anumodana!