Extension of Temporary Closure

Extension of Temporary Closure

The temporary closure of Nalanda Centres nationwide and suspension of all programmes will be extended to 14 April 2020.

On 25 March 2020, the Prime Minister’s Office issued a directive to extend the ‘Movement Control Order’ by two weeks to 14 April. With this latest development, the suspension of all Nalanda programmes and the temporary closure of Nalanda Centres nationwide will also be extended until Tuesday, 14 April 2020.


Covid-19 prevalence in Malaysia

As of 25 March, Malaysia has recorded 1,796 cases of Covid-19 infection with 17 fatalities. Worldwide, the number of cases is surging towards 500,000 with almost 20,000 deaths.

We urge all Malaysians to cooperate fully with the authorities in this unprecedented period of restricted movement and business closures, as these measures were taken to ensure public health and safety. The public should continue to remain calm, positive-minded, and helpful to one another during this challenging time.


Government’s Responsibility

We also urge the authorities to be sensitive to the well-being of citizens, and fully realise that these directives are causing major disruptions to the lives of ordinary people – workers, students, parents, seniors, and retirees.

The governments at the federal, state, and local levels must ensure a more coordinated approach towards combating the crisis, and should not issue arbitrary directives that may not help with the battle, but would inadvertently cause confusion or further interruptions to normal public life.


Situational Review

Should the situation improve after some time, and with the permission of the authorities, our centres will be reopened to the public soonest possible to continue to serve the community. During the interim, you may contact Nalanda Management through our e-mail at info@nalanda.org.my.


We wish that everyone stay safe by keeping your social distance, and be patient to endure this global pandemic with calmness and spiritual refuge.


With mettā,

The “Covid-19 Emergency Response Team”
of the Executive Committee,
Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia.