11 October 2021

Be heedful of SOPs even as restrictions relax

It has been announced that 90% of the Malaysia adult population have now been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.  The daily infection numbers have also started to drop in the past weeks and vaccinations are now being administered for teenagers ages 12 to 17.  We have also reached a milestone for the lifting of travel restrictions cross-states today, allowing many Malaysians to visit their family or go on holidays.  

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31 July 2021

20 million vaccine doses given in Malaysia

On 30 July, we reached a milestone of administering more than 20 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine. As part of the national immunisation programme, vaccination centres are now cumulatively giving more than 500,000 doses a day. This could not be achieved without the dedication and commitment of our front-liners who do not shy away from their critical roles even as the number of new infections climb.

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1 June 2021

Do our duty – stay home & stay safe

Today, the Movement Control Order 3.0 in Malaysia will be intensified in a bid to stem the stark increase of Covid-19 infections across the country.  While we stay at home and do our duty to follow all SOPs, let our thoughts of love and kindness go to all front-liners who are battling with Covid-19 day and night to keep us safe.

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12 May 2021

Thank you to all nurses around the world

Today is International Nurses Day, which is celebrated around the world every year on 12 May in conjunction with the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910). The indispensable role of nurses has never been more apparent as they battle relentless for the lives of their patients in this Covid-19 pandemic.

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6 May 2021

MCO 3.0 : Accepting changes

Today, the MCO has been reinstated in several states in Malaysia.  Yet, in comparison to our first experience of lockdown in March 2020, I can see that my fellow Malaysians are calmer and slightly less anxious compared to the first MCO.  Why?  Because we now know how uncertain things are, and our hearts are more accepting of these turbulent changes.

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7 April 2021

Health is the greatest gain

Since 1950, ‘World Health Day’ is celebrated annually on 7 April to raise awareness on the importance of global health.  Battling Covid-19 in the past year has highlighted this importance – the interdependence of our own physical health and the well-being of others, and how devastating it can be should we be careless or indifferent.  Thus, we can also see that while the virus affects everyone regardless of race or religion, the communities that place higher emphasis on caring for one another have been able to weather the pandemic most effectively.

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1 April 2021

Welcome back to Nalanda Centre

We are pleased to announce that Nalanda Centre re-opens today Thursday, 1 April with strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the safety and welfare of all visitors and staff members.  Our operating hours are 10am to 5pm from Mondays to Saturdays, and 8am to 12pm on Sundays. Kindly comply to all SOPs when visiting the Centre.

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17 March 2021

A year since 1st Covid-19 death in Malaysia

On 17 March 2020, Malaysia grimly recorded its 1st Covid-19 fatality in Kuching, just a day after a nationwide lockdown was announced.  Today, the death toll in Malaysia is over 1,200 while globally, that figure is almost 2.7 million.  In this period of economic hardship and social upheaval, many of us  endured uncertainty, worry and anxiety in dealing with new challenges which arise almost every day.

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3 February 2021

Final salute to Captain Sir Tom Moore

On 16 April 2020, Captain Sir Tom Moore completed his 100th lap around his garden in Bedfordshire; he had intended to raise £1,000 before his 100th birthday to support the National Health Service in the United Kingdom when the Covid-19 pandemic first ravaged the nation.  Little did he know that his honourable goal would soon win the nation’s heart and raise more than £30 million by the time he celebrated his 100th birthday on 30 April.

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27 January 2021

Keep calm and stay safe

Covid-19 cases have breached the 100-million mark worldwide and more than 2.1 million people have succumbed to the disease.  Daily, almost half a million people are newly infected globally.  Here in Malaysia, we are experiencing some of the highest numbers of new infections each day.  In this time of uncertainty, many of us may be worried or upset by various news, broadcasts or opinions we receive.

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