F.U.N. debates and learns

F.U.N. debates and learns

Debates are a way for us to see the topic in various perspectives and also enables us to hone our engagement skills.

Last Saturday 29 October, 29 participants of the Fellowship Undergraduate Network (F.U.N.) gathered at Nalanda Youth Centre for stirring rounds of debate.  The university students discussed and deliberated the arguments for and against the topics “With material gain comes happiness” and “The purpose of our lives is to indulge and enjoy”.

Adept at putting into perspective the desires and cravings most of us face in the modern age, they recognized that these distractions draw us away from spending our time and effort on wholesome activities.  In his Dhamma talk, Bro. Ajit emphasised that happiness is always fleeting when it is reliant on conditions which are impermanent.  Living a kind and purposeful life however rewards us with joyful and peaceful states of mind.

Kudos to F.U.N. organisers and participants for bringing these pertinent discussions to the forefront to deepen their understanding and heighten their maturity in making both every day and life-changing decisions.

The young undergraduates took refuge in the Three Jewels and recited the Five Precepts before the start of the session.

Participants welcomed the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics.

It was also an inclusive session, as they put forth their ideas for the debate.

Sis. Lim Xin of Nalanda Youth Centre, moderated the debate.

Bro. Ajit shared that we are often distracted by that which our six senses encounters, and are drawn into cravings as well as desires which are not sources of lasting happiness.