Monthly Meeting of Dharma School Facilitators

Monthly Meeting of Dharma School Facilitators

Nalanda Dharma School facilitators after their monthly meeting.

On Tuesday 3 March, Nalanda Dharma School (N.D.S.) facilitators from Sri Serdang and NEO Centre Happy Garden came together for their monthly meeting at Nalanda Centre.  The meeting was chaired by School Director, Sis. Sunanda Ong.

Listening attentively and appreciatively to each other's views and suggestions.

The discussion was lively with everyone listening attentively to each other’s ideas and suggestions for improvements.  This is a practice following the advice of the Buddha, and the example set by the Noble Sangha.  May the Dharma School continue its progress for the greater benefit of our community.  Sadhu!

At the conclusion of every meeting, Nalandians share merits with the needy, and dedicate their decisions and actions to the welfare of all beings. Sadhu anumodana!