Families learn together at Dhamma School

Families learn together at Dhamma School

Families spend quality time together at Dhamma School sessions.

Since Sunday 19 March, over 70 parents and children have been learning together at Family Dhamma School, held at NEO KL in Happy Garden.  This weekly programme is newly launched in conjunction with Nalanda’s 20th Anniversary, to provide a learning platform for both parents and children to grow spiritually and achieve domestic bliss.

In this first-of-its-kind programme, participants learn both as a family and with their peers, as Dhamma School facilitators apply a blended approach and tailor-make engaging programmes.  Parents are also able to support their children’s learning because they learn the same topics every session.  As families cultivate virtues and wholesome values together, they progress towards living more meaningful lives.

The sessions commence with Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels and undertaking the Five Precepts as a congregation.

Sis. Hui Shien leads the group in an introductory meditation sitting.

President Sis. Buddhini welcomes all participants at the first school session.

Sis. Hui Shien addresses participants, whom are mostly new to Dhamma.

Facilitators and volunteers also welcome participants in high spirits.

We rejoice in the learning spirit of all our participants, young and mature, as they progress on the spiritual path as a family unit.  May you continue to grow in the Dhamma.  Sadhu anumodana.

Families join the presentation too.

Ice-breaking activities to foster familiarity amongst participants.

Parents learning to listen and work together with their children to achieve a task.

Learning is especially joyful when we are with our family members.

After the games, Sis. Hui Shien shares the Dhamma with both parents and children.

Younger siblings are cared for by Sis. Rita, Principal of Tadika Nalanda.

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