16 June 2018

Happy Father’s Day

Fathers are often the unsung heroes of our lives.  They work hard to provide for the family and to protect us from harm.  If we are able to achieve much in life, it is undoubtedly their contribution that has enabled us to do so.  On this special weekend, we wish them “Happy Father’s Day”!  May they live long healthily and happily.

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24 March 2017

A day of deep gratitude

On Sunday 12 February, parents and children gathered for a heart-warming, tea-offering ceremony at NEO Centre, Happy Garden.  The programme was organised by Nalanda Dhamma School in conjunction with the Lunar New Year, to provide an opportunity for Dhamma School students to express gratitude and appreciation to their parents.

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20 March 2017

Honouring parents at Tea Ceremony

On Sunday 12 February, Nalanda Dhamma School held its annual tea-offering ceremony in conjunction with the Lunar New Year.  The purpose of the tea ceremony was for children to express their love and gratitude towards parents and teachers who have cared for, and supported them unconditionally.

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21 January 2016

Induction course for parents

On Sunday 10 January, parents of newly-enrolled Dhamma School students and new-comers to Nalanda Centre were invited to attend the first session of ‘Svagatam’ Induction Programme conducted by Bro. Aggaphala Yap.  The six-session course aims to introduce Buddhist values, culture and etiquette to its participants.  It also aims to provide essential knowledge on how to live in accordance with Dhamma.

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7 September 2015

Dhamma School Facilitators-Parents’ Meeting

On 30 August, Nalandians gathered at NEO Centre Johor Bahru in their uniforms to observe ‘Samaggi Day’ during Service Sunday.  In remembrance of our late teacher Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Nāyaka Thero, Branch Chairman Bro. David Yap recollected how the great qualities of the much-respected and beloved late venerable had inspired him.

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4 March 2015

‘Day of Gratitude’ at Nalanda Dharma School

On Sunday 1 March, Nalanda Dharma School (NDS) organized a traditional “Tea Ceremony” at Nalanda Centre in conjunction with the Lunar New Year.  This year, the Chinese delicacy of “tang yuan” was served instead of the usual tea.

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3 February 2015

A Parent’s Sharing on ‘Samaggi’ Day

On Sunday 25 January, it was heart-warming to hear from Sis. Bee Poh, who shared with us that she is happy to learn Dhamma with her three daughters at Nalanda.  Two daughters are with Nalanda Youth Centre and one is in Nalanda Dharma School.

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6 August 2014

Parents-Facilitators’ Meeting at NEO Centre KL

On Sunday 20 July, Nalanda Kuala Lumpur Branch Junior Dharma School held a fruitful parents-facilitators’ meeting.  This first formal meeting between the parents and facilitators of Nalanda Junior Dharma School (JDS) aimed at achieving better understanding of the School’s unique educational philosophy.  It also intended to update parents on their children’s progress over the past six months.

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12 July 2014

Fruitful Dharma School Parents-Facilitators Meeting

On Sunday 29 June, Nalanda Dharma School (NDS) successfully organised the Parents-Facilitators meeting at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  The meeting aimed to promote better relationship and understanding between parents and facilitators, and was conducted with much joy by Sis. Sunanda Ong, the Director of NDS.  She reported on the School’s progress in the past six months through an inspiring video sharing, and its plans for the coming semester.

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19 March 2014

Another Meaningful Session of Induction Programme

On Sunday 2 March, participants of the ‘Svagatam’ Induction Programme gathered at Nalanda Centre for their third session of joyful learning.  Sis. Nandini Tan shared about the true meaning and right attitude of ‘Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels’.  This was followed by an enlightening tour of Nalanda’s main shrine – ‘Vihara Sri Suvarnabhumi ’.  Participants were delighted to learn the real spirit of ‘Taking Refuge’, and to know the rich Buddhist symbolism incorporated into the interior design of Nalanda Centre.  Sadhu!

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