‘Family Fun Fair’ kicked off

‘Family Fun Fair’ kicked off

The volunteers started the day with an early morning chanting session at 6.45am at Nalanda Centre.

The Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ kicked off right on time at 9am on the morning of 24 August!  The field at Taman Sri Serdang in front of Nalanda Centre was a hub of activities with more than 1,000 lunch-time crowd sampling a huge variety of delicacies on offer.  The 160 stalls were doing brisk ‘business’ as many items on sale were quickly snapped up.  Despite its large scale, the atmosphere in the field felt like that of a friendly village market!

Founder Bro. Tan leading the observance of Five Precepts, officially marking the start of the 'Fun Fair'.

Adults were having a good time browsing the stalls for bargain buys, and children too, were not left out.  Many had fun playing games at the special games stalls.  The ‘balloon house’ provided an avenue for younger children to expend some of their bountiful energy.

Many stalls were doing brisk sales with a large morning crowd visiting the Fair.

Children were also not left out as many of them had fun playing games at special games stalls.

Younger children with bountiful energy enjoying themselves in the 'balloon house'.

We thank the local community in Seri Kembangan for their strong support towards Nalanda’s cause to provide free, holistic education to benefit the whole community.  We also thank everyone who came from even further afield to celebrate this occasion with us.  Sadhu anumodanā!

Despite its large scale, the atmosphere in the field felt like a friendly weekend market.