Farewell to Venerable Guttacitta

After 3-weeks sojourning at Nalanda House, Venerable Guttacitta left this morning to return to Bagan Serai.  Ven. Guttacitta will be observing the Vassana (Rains Retreat) in Perak, starting on 3 August.  Many Nalandians were on hand to bid farewell to the venerable at noon, after the customary request for forgiveness and blessings.  We wish Ven. Guttacitta good health and much peace.  We would also like to thank all Nalandians and devotees who have kindly and generously provided food, transport and other forms of dāna to the venerable during his sojourn.  May your goodness lead you to greater joy and peace.  Sadhu anumodana!