Final rallying for ‘Family Fun Fair’

The organisers having a final meeting with stall managers three days before the big event.

Earnest and energetic organisers of Nalanda’s ‘Family Fun Fair’ held a few final rounds of meetings and briefings before the big day tomorrow.  The stage is set to welcome thousands of visitors to Sri Serdang for the largest ‘Fun Fair’ ever held here – with more than 160 stalls offering a wide range of delicacies, household items and merchandise.

Tomorrow’s Fair will be run by an army of 200 volunteers from many states.  Our friends from Kedah and Kelantan have already arrived early this morning to ‘camp out’ at Nalanda Centre to help with preparations.  This evening, 25 Nalandians will arrive from Johor Bahru to boost our volunteer ranks further!  We thank everyone for rallying around to support the organizing of ‘Family Fun Fair’ 2014.  We look forward to a fantastic outing tomorrow!

Final Sunday briefing session for event-day volunteers. A small army of 200 volunteers will help ensure the event goes on as smoothly as possible.