Fireflies visit Nalanda 7 years in a row

Fireflies visit Nalanda 7 years in a row

Firefly members received a warm genuine welcome when they arrived at Nalanda Centre.

On Saturday 27 October, Nalandians warmly welcomed and hosted 24 visiting members of Firefly Mission from Singapore.  The group, led by their President Dr. Ng Yee Kong, travels annually to various monasteries in Malaysia to celebrate the offering of ‘Kathina’.  It was their 7th consecutive yearly visit to Nalanda Centre, a place which they find genuine warmth and inspiration.

We were privileged to invite Firefly members to be our first guests to the Wisdom Park exhibition, completed and opened just the night before.  Everyone listened intently to explanations by Nalanda founder Bro.Tan and Project Coordinator Bro.Tan Say Kee on the conceptualisation of this holistic education campus.  They rejoiced over its strategic objectives to develop knowledgeable and well-practiced Dhamma teachers and leaders for the sustenance of Buddha-Sāsana into the future.

Project Coordinator Bro.Tan Say Kee introducing the development plans of Wisdom Park.

Listening intently to Nalanda founder, Bro Tan.

Bro.Tan also brought the visitors to tour the newly-launched ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ located across the road from Nalanda Centre.

We thank Firefly members for keeping our camaraderie warm, and we wish them every success in their humanitarian work across Asia.  Let us all continue to serve humanity selflessly in our own unique ways.  Sādhu ānumodanā!

President Sis. Evelyn presenting Nalanda’s publications to Firefly Mission President Dr. Ng Yee Kong.

A joyful gathering of close friends ended with partings with best wishes for each other.  Thank you for visiting and please come back again soon!