8 May 2022

Visit ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition at Nalanda Centre

The Buddha Jayanti Exhibition has just been launched this morning at Nalanda Centre, after two years of being held on-line due to the pandemic.  It is one of the highlights of Buddha Day Observance and presents messages of Dhamma to educate the public through digital artworks prepared by Nalanda Dhamma School.  We have already started to receive visitors who are brought on guided tours by Dhamma School facilitators and students.

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7 May 2022

Buddha Jayanti Exhibition B.E. 2566

The ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition is one of the highlights of Nalanda’s Wesak Observance.  After two years of being on-line due to the pandemic, we invite you to visit the Exhibition prepared by Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators and students at Nalanda Centre from Sunday 8 May to 15 May 10am to 4pm.  We look forward to welcoming you on this educational journey at Nalanda.  All are welcome!

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23 May 2021

“When we cultivate the Dhamma, we can see the Buddha”

Nalanda Junior Dhamma School presents to you “The Buddha and Me”, a video by our young students relating their own experiences in learning Dhamma.  We invite you to watch this heart-warming production of their candid responses on what they know about the Buddha and how they put His Teachings into practice.

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21 May 2021

Come visit ‘Buddha Jayanti’ virtual exhibition

Nalanda Dhamma School’s “Buddha Jayanti” Exhibition is back online with the sequel ‘Happy Mind Happy Life 2’!  Organised every year in conjunction with ‘Buddha Day’, this year’s exhibition at  features a collection of ‘stop-motion’ animations to engage children and teenagers in learning and reflecting on Dhamma.

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4 May 2020

Creative videos on mental well-being

The Buddha’s teaching is centred upon understanding suffering and overcoming it.  For this ‘Buddha Day’, Nalanda Dhamma School students came up with a creative “virtual exhibition” using Doodle Art targeted at children and teenagers.  Themed “Happy Mind Happy Life”, the exhibition aims to promote mental well-being, and offer tips on how to develop our minds to a healthier state.

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17 May 2019

Welcome to ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition

We joyfully invite you to come and visit the ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition, one of the highlights of Nalanda’s ‘Buddha Day’ Observance.  Messages of Dhamma to educate the public are presented through paintings by Nalanda Dhamma School facilitators and students in this year’s edition themed ‘Living with Compassion’.

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17 May 2019

Joyful programmes this ‘Buddha Day’

This weekend, Buddhists around the world will commemorate the anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment 26 centuries ago, and mark the beginning of Buddhist Year (B.E.) 2563.  We invite you, your family and friends to join spiritual and learning programmes at Nalanda Centre, which includes Dhamma teachings, Sutta Study, and the highlight of our celebrations – the annual Heritage Procession and worshipping of Buddha Relic.

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11 May 2019

Programmes at Nalanda this weekend

In conjunction with ‘Buddha Day’ observance, we have arranged meaningful and spiritual programmes this weekend, from 11 – 12 May, leading up to the sacred day on 19 May.  We invite you, your family and friends to join us at Nalanda Centre to experience a meaningful weekend and deepen our calmness and joy as we prepare ourselves spiritually for observing ‘Buddha Day’.  The programmes available this weekend are :

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11 November 2018

Wisdom Park exhibition opened

On Sunday 4 November, a special exhibition on Wisdom Park was launched at Nalanda Centre. The vibrant exhibits and video clips show the journey from the conceptualisation to early construction of Wisdom Park.  We are grateful to the Wisdom Park Development Committee for leading the realisation of this noble project, and to our benefactors and donors for their fervent support.

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4 November 2018

Fireflies visit Nalanda 7 years in a row

On Saturday 27 October, Nalandians warmly welcomed and hosted 24 visiting members of Firefly Mission from Singapore.  The group, led by their President Dr. Ng Yee Kong, travels annually to various monasteries in Malaysia to celebrate the offering of ‘Kathina’.  It was their 7th consecutive yearly visit to Nalanda Centre, a place which they find genuine warmth and inspiration.

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