Firefly Mission’s visit to Nalanda Centre

Firefly Mission’s visit to Nalanda Centre

A 'family portrait' - Firefly Mission and Nalanda - "together we light up the World!"

On Monday 4 November, 90 members of Firefly Mission Singapore led by its President Dr. Ng Yee Kong descended upon Nalanda Centre for a half-day visit.  Our Singaporean kinsmen were on the way home after participating in a Kathina Tour to Northern Malaysia.

Bro.Tan's talk was uplifting and very focused on one's progress along the spiritual journey.

Everyone was brought on a tour of Nalanda Centre and feted with lunch.  There was also a video presentation about Nalanda’s mission, and a welcoming performance by Nalanda Youths.  Bro. Tan gave a special session of Dhamma Teaching in honour of the visitors, themed the ‘Journey of Life’.

Going "from home to home". Wishing everyone a safe journey!

There was a lot of friendly interaction and camaraderie between our friends and Nalandians.  We thank the Firefly Mission for visiting Nalanda and for your generous support and encouragement.  We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!  Sadhu!