First Youth Members’ Day of 2020

First Youth Members’ Day of 2020

Youth Leader, Bro. Ajit leads the discussion on ‘Why are we at Nalanda?’

On Sunday 16 February, Nalanda Youth Centre hosted its first Members’ Day of the year after the weekly Youth Sunday Service.  Members gathered to discuss how they can deliver this year’s planned programmes in a relevant and interesting way for their peers.

They shared their motivations and objectives in serving the community through providing appropriate educational opportunities.  The youths also reflected on their personal experience in service to Buddha-Sāsana and identified potential areas for improvements.

The meeting concluded with positivity and energy as members had renewed faith and deepened their fellowship.  We wish Nalanda Youth Centre a fruitful and progressive year, for both our youthful members and the community.

Members start the meeting with a short meditation and chanting.

Sis. Megan sharing her motivations in serving at Nalanda Youth Centre.

Members relating their experience in being an active volunteer during the group discussions.

Youths sharing critical points raised in their group discussions.

Bro. Ajit welcoming Sis. Pui Yee as a new member of Nalanda Youth Centre.

Youths share and transfer merits to their parents, teachers, family and friends.